Headlining today’s post … a dope collaboration by City Kitty, D7606 and Arrex Skulls

Shortly after Thanksgiving my family gave me an early Christmas present: an all-expenses-paid trip to Brooklyn. Thanks to their generosity I spent 4 days late last week photographing street art in and around Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

There I discovered a veritable cornucopia of new and recent street art: graffiti, murals and wheatpastes. I was particularly pleased with the quality and quantity of wheatpastes I encountered. It is fascinating how these art pieces often hide in plain sight and then wallop the viewer with eye-catching color, witty humor, and timely commentary.

About five years ago, other media and forms of expressions captured the interest of Baltimore artists. As a result, wheatpastes began to dwindle in number and nowadays only a few appear each year in Baltimore. Thus, I am sure you will be equally pleased to see these incredible paste-ups from Brooklyn … and a little melancholic to discover what has been sorely missing in our city.

City Kitty is a prolific artist whose cartoon characters and critters can be found all around NYC and the boroughs.

A pigeon conveyance

Blast off!

Tis the season to decorate your Cat-mas tree

To shave or not to shave


Tri-clops … collaboration by City Kitty and Greyeggg

Thar she blows

Albert Einstein … genius collab by City Kitty, D7606 and VoxxRomana

Turtle submarine … collab by City Kitty and Turtlecaps

Flyin’ submarine … collab by City Kitty and Turtlecaps

Sid and Nancy by D7606

Sacsix is a NYC artist who creates colorful paste-ups of such iconic figures as you see here.

Warhol on Warhol – 15 minutes of fame

Biggie Smalls – spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

NASA’s latest astronaut?

Mahatma Gandhi as never before seen

Amy Winehouse


Comin’ in like a wrecking ball

French artist Thomas Chedeville (@tomadee) recently posted two new pieces in Brooklyn:

Basquiat feels Andy is overrated

Purple haze – Jimi Hendrix

Dr Scott (@drsc0) is a skull-ful artist:

Four eyes and gold caps


Astronaut – in Freeman Alley

#whoisdirk (@dirkartnyc) is an intriguing NYC artist:

Milk and hunny – #whoisdirk

#whoisdirk in Freeman Alley

I particularly enjoy the wheatpastes by Lmnopi @lmnopimaize):

lmnopi in Freeman Alley

lmnopi in Freeman Alley

Water is life

Just Be You Tiful

You just gotta laugh along

She’s not heavy

Rising up

Label 228

Politics, social commentary and humor play a key role in the imaginative wheatpastes by Myth*GDS (@mythny):

From Myth’s #trumpquotes series

Without bees

Old-fashioned Thanksgiving

All power to the people

Wow, somehow I had not seen any artwork by phoebenewyork prior to this latest trip:

American dream

Be confident


Fuck em!

Skull tee

Have a beautiful day


The moment I saw you

I have yet to find a wheatpaste by Dee Dee (@deedeewashere) that was undamaged or not dissed by some toy:


Emerald green

Wheatpastes by Sophie Lambda (@sophielambda) are a real treat and a true delight to see.

I broken-heart New York


The iconic figures in the wheatpastes by artist JC (@jcbknyc) often seem close to flipping their lids – no matter how dope the hat.

Dorothy a Nets fan?

Janet Leigh

Often, the artwork by bunny M (@thebunnym) is a riot of dazzling color and stunning detail:

Where there’s smoke, there’s green.


Bow tied in Freeman Alley

The Grandpa by @fumeroism in Freeman Alley

One comes across delightful Lego figures by RAD (@raddingtonfalls) all across NYC:

Graff writer with his pal snapping selfies 

Creamsicle – the latest power lunch

Intergalactic artwork by Voxx Romana (#voxxromana) is outta this world:

Starry-eyed astronaut

Science fiction becomes reality (then for sure always remember Klaatu barada nikto)

This eclectic collection rounds out the gallery of wheatpastes Charm City Streets encountered on its most recent visit to NYC and Brooklyn:

Bloody (and scary!!!) nurse by @krystlesaurus

Wonder Boy by Mysterio (@mysterio_delaselva) in Freeman Alley

Reminds me of my grandson – unidentified artist

In God we trust??? – Happy Thanksgiving by @huntrodriguez

I never saw myself here – @saraerenthalart

Burger King or Mickey Donald – by Denis Ouch! (@denisouch)

Check back in a few days to read the reports on the graffiti and murals Charm City Streets encountered over a long weekend in Brooklyn.

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