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There are numerous fascinating collective nouns for birds such as a commotion of coots, a conspiracy of ravens, a grumbling of wild turkeys, and a squabble of gulls. I bring this to your attention because there must be a more interesting even spellbinding phrase to describe a collection of street art pieces – rather than simply saying murals. I propose paraphrasing the collective noun for crows and say a murder of murals. Before there is any grumbling or squabbling or calling me an old coot, one has to agree the images below clearly demonstrate the artists walloped those walls and set them aflame. In a word, they murdered these murals.

Tis almost Christmas. However, let’s take a quick look at this vampiric piece (better suited to Halloween than Yuletide) in Williamsburg by Damien Mitchell, a favorite artist.

Grandpa Munster – Damien Mitchell

Taking the subway four stops further along the L Line brings us to East Williamsburg where Charm City Streets came across twelve new or recent murals:

Aluminum Arabian? – by El Salvadorean artist garabatoarte

Exquisite bird – Don Rimx

3D Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – ienacruz

Dreamscape – Matthew Reid

Mother and child – unidentified artist

Swingin’ for the fences – by French artist Soly Dos

Ax not; just run for your life – Soly Dos

For four days in a row cars blocked the full view of these murals by Soly Dos and Sidka. Guess that’s why it’s called street art.

An icy reflection of Sidka’s mural

Teapot in a tempest – by French artist Nubian Artwork

Small whimsical piece by Nubian Artwork

Such – side-by-side with Sipros for The Bushwick Collective

Sipros side-by-side with Such for The Bushwick Collective

Next we walk to Bushwick and make our way around the Troutman Street/Wyckoff Avenue area Our tour then heads southwest toward the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood and the JMZ Walls murals.

Samurai swine – Squidshop

Jag-croc-runner … dope mural by WERC

Butterfly beauty – detail from the collab by WERC and GERALUZ

Large scale collab by Matt Adnate and Li-Hill for The Bushwick Collective

I heart balloon you – Sipros for The Bushwick Collective

Kissssss me – Lauren YS for The Bushwick Collective

Scintillating – Jimmy C for The Bushwick Collective

Make art from the heart – Sara Erenthal

We love Rosa Barks – Sara Erenthal

It was lightly snowing and cold when I shot this piece by Artist Key Detail, so the fire was most welcome.

Santa up close – Artist Key Detail

Weeds are flowers too – @dirkartnyc

All one? The galactic question – @dirkartnyc

Home again – Keya Tama for The Bushwick Collective

Dont have a cow man! – @giz_nyc

Collaboration by @jrcsnr and @ac2bsk for JMZ Walls

Jasp for JMZ Walls

Shining stars of Puerto Rico – Hops1 for JMZ Walls

ORFN Forever – a tribute by @adamfu and @bsie.us

Turtlecaps for JMZ Walls

PRseLevanta (Puerto Rico rises) – collab by @resa_piece, @menace.two and @sueworks

Bliss by Alexandre Keto for JMZ Walls

Bliss – detail by Alexandre Keto for JMZ Walls

Bliss – detail by Alexandre Keto for JMZ Walls

Kesta for JMZ Walls

Cruzin for a boozin – collab by @dirtcobain and @outersource for JMZ Walls

Dragon lady – dope collab in progress by French artists @nubianartwork and @sidkaone for JMZ Walls

Menace – collab by @menace.two and @resa_piece for JMZ Walls

Jerms “Rock Steady Crew” – for JMZ Walls

Pizza lover – Yok and Sheryo

Ochre and blue child – a recurring figure in artist Pol Corona’s artwork

Fresh – an alluring roller door by JC

Gallery Bar – Darth Vader and artist Hops1 invite you inside


On the final leg of this photo tour we take the L Line into the city. Along the way to Freeman Alley in Lower Manhattan, Charm City Streets came across several stunning murals from recent months, plus a handful of eye-catching older works.

She was magnificent – B.D.White for the L.I.S.A.Project NYC

I asked myself for peace – B.D. White for the L.I.S.A. Project NYC

David’s Cafe – Matt Adnate for The Bushwick Collective

Gummy Bear’s arrest record – another whimsical piece by WhIsBe



Streetscape featuring Rise Above – by Shepard Fairey in early Fall 2016

A bit of a sticky wicket – Gumshoeart

Debbie Harry – recent mural by Shepard Fairey for the L.I.S.A. Project NYC

Spinback – dope older piece by Zeso 

Zeso – the artist created this eye-catching lighthouse piece in 2015

In several days, Charm City Streets will report on the dope graffiti it discovered over this long weekend in Brooklyn.

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