Garfield Skatepark DC 7

Headlining today’s post … the collaborative mural in Washington, DC by MasPaz, Stefan Ways, and Nether


During the week before New Year’s, Nether, Sarah Sioux, and Stefan Ways spent a couple of days in DC working on a collaborative mural with MasPaz and other DC artists. Here you can see the artists at work as well as several different views of the completed mural.

To see the real thing, head to Garfield Skatepark in SW, one of several open walls sponsored by Albus Cavus.

Garfield Skatepark DC 1

Artists at work under I-395 in Garfield Skatepark


Garfield Skatepark DC 2

Stefan Ways paints in the background.

Garfield Skatepark DC 3

Nether and Sarah Sioux add in detail.

Garfield Skatepark DC 4

A view of the completed mural

Garfield Skatepark DC 5

Welcome to the completed mural

Garfield Skatepark DC 6

The new murals by MasPaz and Stefan Ways

Garfield Skatepark DC 8

The new mural by Nether


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