Headlining today’s post … Pin-up Girl by See TF

Recently, my grandchildren were in town for a visit. They live in Seattle so I do not get to see them as often enough as I would like, so over the past three+ weeks I placed pretty much everything on the back burner. Now that they are back home I have completed processing the rest of the images I captured during the two weeks I spent last month in Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

In addition to the spectacular artwork created during the 2017 Bushwick Collective Block Party, Charm City Streets encountered these fantastic murals while exploring the greater Bushwick neighborhood:

Bat and wasp struggle – Rogue

Mother blue jay with hungry babies – TakerOne

The endangered bog turtle – Louis Masai

Let’s move forward together – Tellaeche

Young urban explorer – Gutti Barrios

Love you – collaborative roller gate by Hektad, Himbad, Kwue Molly and Madmanart

U get me so high – colorful roller gate by Dirt Cobain

Babar’s relative? – corrugated wall mural by Dirt Cobain

Artists flock to Low Brow Artique on the corner of Central and Willoughby Avenues because it has the largest assortment of spray paint in the New York Metropolitan area. In addition. artists from far and wide also like to strut their stuff on Low Brow’s wall. Here are

Britain to Brooklyn – Keep ‘em peeled – collaboration by Mr Trans1 and Noir (Low Brow Artique wall)

NYC Backyard Gallery – cartoon collaboration by @jgtoonation and @jap_veneno


JAP – my New York state of mind … cartoon collaboration by @jap_veneno and @jgtoonation

Underway on the corner of Central Ave and Troutman Street in Bushwick was a dazzling collaboration by Ghostbeard, Patch Whiskey, Elxupetnegre, Jodo, and Ramirostudios:

Ghostbeard, Elxupetnegre and patchwhiskey

Ghostbeard and Elxupetrenegre

Eye to monstrous eye … Elxupetnegre and patchwhiskey



Bee-tiful … Jodo


In the Ridgewood neighborhood along Metropolitan Avenue

Pin-up girl – See TF (TrueFame)

A work in progress by Lexi Bella and La Femme Cheri for 5pointzcreates

The intriguing artwork in East Williamsburg included these murals and a collaborative wall by Resa Piece, Ming and Dirk:

Pro Libre – Corografico

Nativo Americano– Don Rimx

Under the sea – Calangoss (Eder Muniz)

Shop small – Shawn Bullen

Fleeting Thoughts in a Clouded Mind – Resa Piece

Ming in the green – Who_Ming

Still waters run deep – Dirk (@dirkartnyc)

With support by #thenewallen the Monster Squad of Ghostbeard and patchwhiskey created another gem in Williamsburg:



The sparkling gem


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