Headlining today’s post … an evening twilight view of Never Better by Richt

Birdcap and Richt are two artists who drew a particular amount of attention during the third annual Pow! Wow! DC Mural Festival last week in NoMa.

Birdcap created Don’t Go, a fanciful multi-story mural depicting a statuesque Egyptian god with its arms crossed in a Wakanda salute and a donut mother losing her sprinkles because her child is leaving. The wall’s nooks and crannies as well as its crumbling spots presented a challenge but ultimately afforded the mural an intriguing textural appearance. Birdcap’s studio is in Memphis, TN. You can see Don’t Go on N Street NE (next to the Hyatt Place) and more of his artwork here.

Well underway

The divine is in the details

Greeting Birdcap

A handy outline

Considering what’s up next

The start of a new day


One of many folks who stopped for a photo

Always a good idea to capture multiple angles and views

Checking the street action down below

The Egyptian god-like creature and its Wakanda salute

Whimsical critter

Now what do I do?

Working on a color layer

Documenting progress

Taking a break

Beginning to lose her sprinkles

Let’s clear this cap

Lofty detail work

Nearing completion

Don’t Go, my child

Birdcap, Pow Wow 2018

Richt painted Never Better, an eye-catching eclectic collage of comic book-like scenes that include a pensive Spiderman, a leggy gambler, a wormy apple, a ubiquitous cellphone, wandering eyeballs, a shout-out to his son, and much more. Richt lives and works in Bristol, UK. You will find Never Better on K Street NE near North Capitol Street and more of his work here.

A shout-out to his son Louis taking shape


Next spot to tackle

Never Better

Richt encountered a particularly pesky clogged cap.

All clear!

A late afternoon view

Bee honest – is Spiderman worried about possible anaphylactic shock???

Working through the late afternoon

Spraying on a new color layer

I think this might be a wrap for the day.

Evening twilight

Signature detail


Words to live by

Never Better

Lots of activity

Spidey !!!

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