Headlining today’s post … the Non Stop Forever tribute wall

In yesterday’s report on the inaugural Bricks, Brews & Crews Paint Jam, Charm City Streets highlighted the artwork along the east side of the Loading Dock Inc. lot.

In this second report on the aerosol-artful celebration of the 25th anniversary of the NSF Crew, we look at the buzz of activity along the west wall of The Loading Dock. Dozens of writers took part in creating a tribute to fallen NSF crew members Acne, Geek, Mfone, Tre, Vandel and Zyre. Soviet created the individual black and white portraits, but regrettably I did not learn which writers collaborated on creating the corresponding burners. All across the top of the tribute wall NSF Crew members added their individual throws in grey tones.

Tribute to Acne – #wip

Tribute to Acne

Tribute to Geek – #wip

Tribute to Geek

Tribute to Mfone – #wip

Tribute to Mfone

Tribute to Tre – #wip

Tribute to Tre

Tribute to Vandel – #wip

Tribute to Vandel – #wip

Tribute to Vandel

Tribute to Zyre – #wip

Tribute to Zyre

Arek laying down

Part of the wall of fame

Next to the tribute wall you could see other crew members killing cans knocking out their individual pieces. Spray-tacular!!!!

Aest of Mayhem Cru – #wip

Aest of Mayhem Cru

Smokin’ hot wall of burners

Rei21 – first stage

Rei in action


The Soviet – #wip

A crew member helping with details

Soviet – had to learn the hard way


Canoe, Nise, Huske and Curve – Non Stop Funk



Dever – first stage

Dever in action

Dever in action

Dever – cowabunga!!

Stab – #wip

Stab in action

Stab in action

Stab in action

MTN94 – thanks to the generous support of Montana Colors and Spray Planet

Fang 15 … Stab for NSF 25th


Jerk in action

Jerk in action

Jerk and Cherock


Some – NSF Outlaws

You can catch these pieces and all the other artwork at The Loading Dock, Inc., 2 N Kresson Street. Check their website for hours and directions.


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