Damien Mitchell

Headlining today’s post … mural by Damien Mitchell

Charm City Streets took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather a week or so before Christmas to travel to New York and spend several days exploring the streets of Brooklyn. Since our last visit in August, prominent local, national, and international artists have created fascinating new murals in the Bushwick and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

Today’s post provides a gallery of these recent murals by: Case Maclaim and Himbad (Germany); David Walker, Fanakapan, and Gabriel Pitcher (United Kingdom); Faith47 (South Africa); Kashnik (France ); L’Amour Suprim, Shark Toof, Cernesto, and Damien Mitchell (New York); Leticia Mandragora (Italy-Spain); Mr. Prvrt (New York); Nepo (Puerto Rico); Owen Dippie (New Zealand); Peat Wollaeger (St Louis, MO); Pixel Pancho and Jorit Agoch (Italy); Rocko (Morocco); Sipros (Brazil); Stinkfish (Colombia); and Tellaeche (Mexico).

Near Bedford and 8th Street in Williamsburg, Charm City Streets chanced upon prominent local artist Cernesto at work on his latest imaginative mural. Across the street is an older mural of his that features a goddess enjoying several cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Late that afternoon our photographer located another mural by Cernesto. For this piece the artist used a panel truck to depict three women peering skyward.

On Stagg Street in East Williamsburg, Charm City Streets ran into an artist working on his mural entitled NY State of Mind. He explained his mural pays homage to hip-hop bands of the 70s and 80s. Each of New York City’s five boroughs represents a different hip-hop band. He went on to say he had started the mural a year ago when his father Fred63 painted a mural directly across the street. Fernando said he was putting the finishing touches on NY State of Mind in memory of his father.

Over the next few days Charm City Streets will post images of the colorful graffiti, stencils, stickers, wheatpastes and fiber art uncovered while roaming the streets and alleys of Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg.


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