I hate Mondays

Headlining today’s post … Garfield demonstrates he hates Mondays

In addition to an ever-changing gallery of murals, the streets of Bushwick and Williamsburg provide a wealth of stencils and wheatpastes – some humorous, many thought-provoking, a few riveting, and each interesting.

Without offering comment or critique, Mother Nature often quickly removes these art pieces. Yet sometimes it seems she adds her own creative touch that somehow enhances the appeal and aura of the original artwork.

Today’s post provides a gallery of wheatpastes and stencils discovered on a recent tour of the Bushwick and Williamsburg neighborhoods. Of particular note are the collages fashioned out of disparate components by El Sol 25.

Be sure to check back soon with Charm City Streets to visit the gallery of imaginative and vibrant graffiti pieces found late last month in Brooklyn.


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