Headlining today’s post … Chor Boogie at the 2017 Bushwick Collective Block Party

The 7th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party took place last weekend, and everyone enjoyed a rousing time. There was live music throughout the day; scrumptious vittles from a variety of NYC foodtrucks; a beer garden; and, fantastic new art work by 30+ artists and graff writers from around the world. Charm City Streets spent several days photographing the artists at work and now shares those behind-the-scene images with you.

It has been three years since they last painted together at the Bushwick Collective, so it was a delight to watch German artist Case Maclaim and Italian artist Pixel Pancho collaborating here again.

Pixel Pancho working on background detail

Pixel Pancho and Case Maclaim at work

Brushing on a new hue

Evaluating his progress and considering options

Pointing out fine details

Deciding final steps to take

Case wrapping things up in the rain

Here comes the sun

Case Maclaim and Pixel Pancho for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Across the street Chilean artists Dasic Fernandez and El Cekis teamed up for the first time to paint a thought-provoking mural about barriers – a commentary on modern times.

El Cekis at work high above

Dasic begins to bring the man alive

Working the lines

Hello down there

Documenting the artistic action

We need to take care of that.

Pausing between processes

El Cekis

Evaluating what details to attend to next

Just a few touch-ups left to do

Dasic Fernandez and El Cekis for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

On the corner of Jefferson Street and Wyckoff Avenue San Francisco artist Chor Boogie created VI Sins (6th Sense) … a large scale mural full of explosive color and visual motion that draws the observer out beyond the beyond. His signature Boogie-Birds radiate an endearing Tribble-like attraction.

Working on fine detail

Boogie Bird … lookin’ pretty pleased with the mural’s progress

Under scrutiny – with a careful eye (well eyes), Chor Boogie applies a defining highlight color

Doggone dope mural!

Delete this or next one? … Light rain falls early on the morning of the Block Party

Bushwick 122

A gaggle of Boogie Birds in flight

We control the vertical.

Pointing the way

Boogie to infinity and beyond

Chor Boogie for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Across the street Brazilian artist Sipros Sipros and NYC graffiti artist Such collaborated on what is likely the most-photographed mural. It features Kelli Giddish, who plays NYPD Detective Amanda Rollins on Law and Order, either poking or well picking her nose. You decide. Either way the mural is a hoot.

Suchs begins his collab with Sipros_Sipros

Insuring a clean cap and a fine line

Only the Shadow knows

Working on the top

Late afternoon shadows

Getting ready to apply the next color

Pick or poke – you decide.

Such and Sipros_Sipros for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Ghostbeard and Patch Whiskey joined up with Miami artist Aquarela to create an eye-catching mural Monsters and the Mermaid on the corner of Troutman Street and Wyckoff Avenue.

The Monsters and Mermaid begin to take shape

Patch Whiskey pondering where to begin this morning

Aquarella plotting out her grid

Getting a better perspective on where and how to proceed

Busy creating

Attending to detail

Aaaahhhh, watch what you’re doing!

Clearing the cap


Color palette

Patch Whiskey attending to the background stripe

Rain delay

Ghostbeard, Patch Whiskey and Aquarella for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

There is plenty more artwork to see in the Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017, Part 2 article and the Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017, Part 3 article.


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