Headlining today’s post … Love Brooklyn by Golden 305

The second part of Charm City Streets’ illustrated report on the 7th Annual Bushwick Collective Block Party provides you behind-the-scene coverage of an additional 11 artists:

In his second attention-grabbing mural Brazilian artist Sipros_Sipros painted a gigantic puppet-like Salvador Dali who seemingly wants to catch passersby in his out-stretched hand.

Sipros under a watchful eye

Who’s looking at whom?

Insuring clean, crisp lines

Bom Dia

A musical interlude with Urbanruben (Ruben Ubiera)

Gotta hand it to Sipros

Scenic viewpoint

Capturing the optimal angle

A rainy start to the day

Look out below

Beware the Puppet Master … Sipros_Sipros for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Miami street artist Ruben Ubiera (@urbanruben) fashioned the very interesting mural Crooklyn which shows a fanged Frankenstein-like being. His enormous head is composed of a weird assortment of such things as a great white shark, a boom box, a large rat, a cartoon bomb with burning fuse, a wormy apple, and much more. Cool piece!

Early Saturday morning along Troutman Street

Outline of Crooklyn

A little dental work

It’s tough applying paint to all of the roller door’s nooks and crannies.

The mural is shaping up nicely.

Careful or that cartoon bomb will go ba-boom!

Shadow sparing?

Adding those final few artistic touches

Crooklyn – BKLN Love … Urbanruben for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

On the corner of St Nicholas Avenue and Troutman Street the Barcelona artist Elxupetrenegre painted his signature Black Pacifier on a roller door.

The Black Pacifier begins to take shape at the hands of Elxupetrenegre.

Clearing the cap prior to his next step

Elxupetrenegre for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Right around the corner from Elxupetrenegre, Miami-based artist Golden 305 painted an end-to-end mural on the side of the Bodega Bar. It features a love-struck unicorn and a happy-go-lucky little blue devil.

Elxupetrenegre and Golden 305 at work

Stretching up high

Love ya!

Working paint into the door’s nooks and crannies

Good morning

Golden 305 for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Franck Duval is a well-known French artist whose street name is FKDL. His work is recognized around the world, and his strong silhouettes and collages hark back to the fashion and style of the Fifties.

FKDL painting on fine detail

Plotting out what’s ahead

Bonjour, Monsieur l’Artiste

FKDL for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

New York graffiti artist Giz created an intriguing commentary on our present day. His mural shows Charlie Brown and Snoopy addicted to social media likes. Boom!

Poor Charlie Brown begins to take shape

GIZ busy on the lift

Near completion

Yo Chuck … it’s rainin’.

GIZ for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

While the Mermaids on Flushing Avenue mural by Brooklyn artist Lexi Bella was a work in progress, as always, the eyes of her female characters are totally mesmerizing.


Mermaid on Flushing Avenue … a work in progress

The fabulous trio of @hopsart_1, @fboomtns, and @jcrsnr created their A Tree Grows in Brooklyn masterpiece to pay homage to all the people of Brooklyn and New York City who stand strong and to recognize in particular Charlie Murphy (gone but still here). Located on the corner of Wyckoff Avenue and Troutman Street.

Hops and Charlie Murphy

FA Boom

TRC and that tree in Brooklyn

Hops – sky high

Charlie Murphy … Bushwick native, gone but still here!

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn … @hopsart_1, @fboomtns, and @jcrsnr for the Bushwick Collective, 2017

Brooklyn artist Eric Inkala (@drinkala) created a hypnotic abstract piece around the corner from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Abstract shaping up

@drinkala at work

A closer look

Reflecting on art

There is plenty more artwork to see in the Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017, Part 1 article and the Bushwick Collective Block Party 2017, Part 3 article.


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