Headlining today’s post … Kaiya, a recent mural Richmond artist Nils created in the Oregon Hill neighborhood

Richmond is a great place to visit: magnificent architecture, delicious restaurants to suit every palate, easy to navigate and walk about, welcoming atmosphere, a noteworthy mile-long canal park, and it is only a 3 hour drive from Baltimore. All in all it is an ideal weekend destination.

One other feature attracted Charm City Streets to visit Richmond this past weekend: its astonishing street art. Over the past five years the Richmond Mural Project and the RVA Street Art Festival have brought together renowned artists from around the city, region, country and the world to create an outdoor gallery of large scale murals throughout the city. With over 100 murals, Richmond VA has firmly established its name and address as a hub of artistic imagination and expression.

While in Richmond this past weekend, Charm City Streets encountered incredible murals created by such highly regarded artists as Aniekan, Etam Cru, Gaia, Nils Westergard, Pixel Pancho, and Ron English. Below Charm City Streets showcases Richmond’s art-filled neighborhoods, starting with the Downtown District.

Downtown District

Nothing Lasts Forever – D*Face (England)

Dance with Uncle Sam – Tone (Poland)

Doom loop – Wes21 and Onur (Switzerland)

Doom loop (detail) – Wes21 and Onur

Fun guy or dead guy fungi – Ekundayo (California)

Snoopy and Woodstock – David Flores (California)

Colorful abstract – Jason Woodside (New York)

Smiley amid doom and gloom – Ron English (New York)

Recumbant lion (detail) – Smithe (Mexico)


Jackson Ward District

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson – Aniekan (Washington, DC)

Hot jazz – Aniekan

Major Taylor, The Black Cyclone – Sir James L. Thornhill (Richmond VA)

Glory – Evoca1 (Miama, FL)

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat – Jerkface (New York City)

Jacob Eveland (Richmond VA)

Janus – Nils (Richmond VA)

Emrick Flats – Hamilton Glass (Richmond VA)

Monroe Ward District

Chasing Tigerman – Waone Interesni Kazki (Ukraine)

G.O.D.S. … Givers of Divine Sound – Marka27 (Mexico)

Space-age selfie (mural detail) – Pixel Pancho (Italy)


Shockoe Bottom District

Warrior – Never2501 (Italy)

Metamorphosis – Caratoes (Hong Kong)

Shell game – towering tortoises by ROA (Belgium)

Woman in blue – Andrew Hem (Los Angeles, CA)

Still life – Aryz (Spain)

Still life (detail) – Aryz

Robotic hyena – Pixel Pancho


Oregon Hill District

La Espera (translates as to wait) – Jade Rivera (Peru)

The Traveler – Ekundayo

Nickelus F – dope mural by Nils of the local rapper and songwriter

Roger Rabbit – Jerkface

Kaiya – Nils


The Fan District

Eat mor chikin? – Aryz

Make your own luck – ASVP (Brooklyn, NY)

In a real jam – Moonshine by Etam Cru (Peru)

Endless frontier of John Smith … to conquer is to live – by Gaia (Baltimore, MD)

Star Lite – Greg Mike (Atlanta, GA)

Divine Protector – Inkten and Clogtwo (Singapore)

Migration – Inkten and Clogtwo

Lone wolf – Jacob Eveland

Flow – Ever (Argentina)

Crash test dummies – SEPE and Chazme718 (Poland)

On the side of Edo’s Squid – Nils

Fractured – James Bullough (Berlin, Germany)

Mickey M – Jerkface

Minotaur – Meggs (Los Angeles, CA)

Catch the light – Natalia Rak (Poland)

Within – Nils

Excedrin headache # 73 – Onur (Switzerland)

Majestic struggle – ROA

Fisticuffs – Stormie Mills (Australia)

Flight of fancy – Stormie Mills

Icarus fallen – Nils


Carytown District

Woodstock and feathered friend – David Flores

Skeletal dance – Smithe

Sonni side-up (Brooklyn, NY)

Struggle – Taylor White (Raleigh NC)

Beecycles – Matt Lively (Richmond, VA)

Dancer – Taylor White

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