Headlining today’s post … the colorful, eye-catching mural Nether created in the new Carey Street Pocket Park

Recently, the well-known Baltimore street artist Nether partnered with professional landscaper Elise Victoria to form Arts+Parks. The purpose of their non-profit organization is to create art-filled green space in Baltimore’s underserved communities. The Gutierrez Foundation funded their first major project – the Carey Street Pocket Park in the Harlem Park neighborhood.

Over the past week, Charm City Streets photographed Nether as he created the stunning new mural on the 1000 block of N Carey Street – and captured images of Harlem Park residents watching Arts+Parks in action and commenting favorably upon their new green space.

The artistic juices (and paint) begin to flow.

Nether talking with a passerby

Arriving the next day

Street artists gotta use lots of sunscreen.

Going up!

Spraying on detail and shadow highlights

Curious neighbors passing by their new pocket park

Nether explains to a local neighbor the options to have one’s property beautified.

Interim progress – homeowner Mr. Mike and his wife

Mr. Mike … and Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike admiring the new mural on his house

Nether at work early the next day

Peering through the trees

Nether and Eric Hastings discussing details


Eric considering next steps

One more full day is all Erik and Nether need to finish the mural.

Mr. Mike and a friend

Mr. Mike and his wife

The stunning new Carey Street Pocket Park mural

Mural detail

Monarch butterfly caterpillar and milkweed – mural detail

Elise is now hard at work landscaping the two adjacent vacant lots they adopted from Baltimore City.

You can find more information about Arts+Parks and their upcoming projects on their website.


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  5 comments for “CAREY STREET POCKET PARK

  1. Kathy Shulman
    May 3, 2017 at 4:51 pm

    This is such a magical chronology of your process. Bravo!

    • David
      May 3, 2017 at 11:09 pm

      Thank you for your kind words. The real credit goes to the artists.

  2. Del. phone 410 458 9050
    September 11, 2017 at 3:54 am

    To: Charm City Streets

    Thank you for choosing my sister and brother in law to dedicate this art and the Pocket Park at 1023 N. Carey Street in Baltimore’s Sandtown. North Baltimore has been our hometown for six generations. Or parents migrated from South Carolina and Virginia when they were young. Elizabeth (Liz),(Mike’s wife) was the youngest daughter of our parents (George Conway and Minnie Gilmore). Of their nine children, Liz was the first to pass away. We miss her dearly. There are no words to discribe the impact this realistic art has made on our family and friends. To have our loved one featured in this manner, is a spectacular feature. This dedication is beyond beautiful. When I first saw it, I could only stare in disbelief of how the artist capture her essence and gave me the chance to see a sparkle of life in her eyes and smile. As I looked, I could hardly maintain my balance to stand, as the reality of our loss flooded my soul. Thank you for allowing us to really see her again in the arms of her love.

    Liz passed away one year ago today.

    You made a difference.

    Thank you.


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