Headlining today’s post … Homegrown – artists Javier Padilla and Abner de Jesus of Colectiva Verde Luz collaborated on this striking mural

Street artists and graffiti writers from DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA and all along the Mid-Atlantic Coast converged on Earth Day weekend in Northeast DC for the 2017 Fine Lines Paint Jam. This year Words Beats and Life collaborated with Broccoli City to present this annual event.

The result of all this creative talent in one place? The 900 foot-long wall behind the Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center is now chock-full of brand new, spectacular, eye-catching artwork.

It was fascinating watching each of the artists create their artwork from scratch. Here you can see Bake, Colectivo Verde Luz, Feln, Stoe, and Tuc in action.

Bake laying down the outline of his graffiti piece

Adding the various fill colors

Working on the fine details

Bake – the completed piece

Artists Javier Padilla and Abner de Jesus of Colectiva Verde Luz collaborated on this striking mural

Feln – laying down the base colors

Adding detail and shadowing for dimensionality

Feln – the completed piece

Stoe laying down the basic fill color

Building up the color palette

Interim progress

Stoe – the completed piece

Documenting his work

Yikes – look out Tuc

Adding the fill colors

Interim progress

Tuc checking details and determining next steps

Tuc – something wicked this way comes

Now proceed to scroll through the rest of the 2017 Fine Lines Paint Jam image gallery – starting with the murals.

Captivating mural by Richmond VA artist Nils Westergard

Lookin to the heavens – collaborative mural by NY artists Jenevieve and Carlito624

Agua – detail from the Earth Day mural by Baltimore artist Pablo Machioli (@reconnect)

Northern Lights – collaborative mural by Miss Chelove and Mas Paz


Hoo-hooo’s that under the Aurora Borealis – mural by Baltimore writer Mike Wake

People’s Climate March – The Power Is Yours! … mural by Monolith

Spectacular line-up left to right – Monolith, Miss Chelove, Mas Paz, Wake

Chocolate City – mural by DC artist Eric B (@versatilevice)

Thrush – work in progress by DC artist Michelle Shiyu Chen

Flowers are like the Black People – mural by Frank Alston Abbott

Take nothing but memories; leave nothing but footprints – mural by Depsone

Mural in progress by Shani

Now let’s look at the new burners and graffiti pieces.


Mighty Cri


Dat by Daniel Katz-Hernandez (@dkhdraws)

No fame here – Fame

Groovin’ Grave


Holy – PGC and BM Crews


Live forever – Mizta

Llvia by NJ’s renowned Leon Rainbow

Cesar Ochoa @c_e_s_a_r_t

Potty Mouth by Wiink Bell (@unclewiink)

Rei – by Rei21

Ruens – PGC and BM Crews

Sensi – one of Philly’s finest

One of Philly’s finest

Earth – by Toka

2Kind – by Greed One (AKA Dr Greedy)

Yest – PGC Crew

Plan now to attend Fines Lines Paint Jam 2018 next spring.


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