Headlining today’s post … Döner by Damien Mitchell

A few days ago, Charm City Streets took you on an extended tour of Jersey Fresh Jam 2017, New Jersey’s premiere Hip Hop Festival. Today we return to Trenton to watch Damien Mitchell lighting up a wall at Jersey Fresh Jam.

Damien, an Australian artist living and working in New York City, is acclaimed worldwide for his murals and street art. Thus, it was an unexpected thrill to see him painting a burner piece at Jersey Fresh Jam. He told Charm City Streets a recent trip to Berlin reawakened his interest in graffiti. Damien went on to say after frequently eating a kebab sandwich while in Berlin, it struck him that Döner is the perfect street name for his graff work. Döner is the German word for these fast food kebab sandwiches.

Outline near complete

Beginning work on the fill

Work in progress

Next up is attention to fine lines

Shading and shadowing define and enhance dimensionality.

Heatin’ up

Near completion

Adding that extra spice

Döner (Damien Mitchell) for Jersey Fresh Jam 2017

On your next trip to New York and its boroughs be sure to look for Döner. Both Damien’s graffiti pieces and the kebab sandwich are always Fresh and a delicious treat.

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