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Earlier this year Beacon Arts, a volunteer arts council, launched a pop-up art space in an abandoned warehouse to host a variety of art classes and exhibits in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill community.

Last week, Beacon Arts and Crick Lont of Dozer Art launched Dozer’s Warehouse inside this warehouse warren. Through the latter part of the year visitors can see a dope collection of over 60 graffiti pieces and murals. Artists and graffiti writers from the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country covered the walls with artwork from floor to ceiling. Baltimore’s own ROK created a smokin’ burner for the exhibit.

Thanks to a recommendation from ROK and the generosity of Crick Lont, Charm City Streets had the opportunity to photograph the exhibit.











Rasmo and They Drift

Ride or die – Ten Hun

Baltimore’s own – ROK


Yes – Brooklyn’s @yesOne


Artist – Jose Camarillo

Artist – Jose Camarillo

Mechanical nonsense – by Megan Lingerfelt

Artist – John Osgood

Artist – Dozer

Artist – Dozer

Artist – Jeremy Gregory

Artist – Ariel Parrow

Artist – Acodd

Hug – by Henry

Artist – Jill Naxnamanah

Artist – Rasmo

Artist – Ian Hill

Artist – Ian Hill

Artist – Max Singler

Artist – Rhodora Jacob

Lil Popper – Henry

Artist – Stacy

Artist – Cady Bogart

Artist – Sara Jane Nick

Over the next few months Beacon Arts will lead tours of Dozer’s Warehouse until a developer demolishes the building to make way for a new apartment community.

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