Headlining today’s post … an evening twilight view of the new mural by Jeff Huntington

Last week, world-renowned artist Jeff Huntington was in Baltimore painting a stunning new mural in Wilson Alley, near the corner of Park Avenue and W Franklin Street. The mural depicts a Chinese dragon and the Conquering Lion of Judah slithering their way in and out of the building’s windows. These symbols honor the neighborhood’s past and present. Over 30 years ago, the neighborhood was Baltimore’s vibrant Chinatown. Nowadays, the area is home to a thriving Ethiopian community.

This is Jeff’s first mural in Baltimore. His wife Julia Gibb and colleague Stephanie Baker provided considerable assistance prepping the wall and painting the background. Once these hundreds and hundreds of scales were complete, Jeff began to work his magic – using color to create depth and dimension.

Jeff and his wife Julia Gibb working on the mural’s background

An early morning view of the new mural underway – the background is complete, and work will begin on the Conquering Lion of Judah

A close-up view of the Conquering Lion of Judah

Clearing a blocked spray can

Laying down new color

Capturing a shot of his interim progress

Jeff values community input and so makes time to talk with neighborhood residents.

Talking again with local folks

Jeff and painter Stephanie Baker discussing next steps

What’s still to do up top?

Sometimes a painter finds a yoga pose necessary.

MTN 94 – shake well and spray

Artful reflection – thanks to the many cars in the parking lot next door

The Conquering Lion of Judah awaiting his gold and silver crown

Early the next day

Here’s lookin’ at you … (yikes!!!)

Colors begin to flesh out the Chinese dragon

Green scales taking shape

Say aaahhh … artist or dragon dentist?

Colors make the dragon pop from the brick wall

Pondering his next moves

Shutting down for the day

Daredevil artist

Seeing red

Seeing green

Painting fine lines on the hard-to-reach spots

Capturing a memorable moment

Eye level with Jeff and the dragon

Working on the dragon’s colorful scales

Painting all the nooks and crannies

Neighbors sharing their thoughts of the new artwork

Capturing a memorable shot of his new bike

The majestic Chinese dragon in its colorful glory

An evening twilight view of Jeff Huntington’s new mural in Baltimore’s Bromo Arts District

Jeff’s Jahru signature piece

The proponents of this mural are the Baltimore Development Corporation, the Time Group (the development corporation building the new 500 Park Avenue luxury apartment complex), and the Bromo Arts and Entertainment District.

You can see more of his remarkable street art in Annapolis (his hometown), Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Be sure to check his website for full information about his studio work and gallery representation.

Note: be sure to keep your eye out for Jeff’s next mural here in Baltimore – on the new Anthem House apartment complex in Locust Point. Jeff is slated to start painting here later this month.


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