Headlining today’s post … BKFoxx for JMZ Walls

The J, M and Z metro lines run on elevated tracks above Broadway in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Walking along Broadway and its side streets last month, Charm City Streets encountered a collection of fascinating murals and dope graffiti.

This open air art gallery started several years ago thanks to the efforts of JMZ Walls, whose homepage banner proclaims JMZ Walls – making the JMZ lines more colorful one wall, one gate, one space at a time. Artists come from around the block, across the country, and the four corners of the world to paint here.

During its visit, Charm City Streets was fortunate to happen upon several artists and writers at work for JMZ Walls. For two days Fumeroism was busy recreating The Hulk on Jefferson Street at Broadway.

The Hulk begins to take shape.

Fumeroism demonstrating ladder safety

Adding muscle and dimension

Partway complete

Fumeroism clearing the spray cap

A few details remain

Fumeroism for JMZ Walls

On Myrtle Avenue just below Jefferson Street, Reme821 was at work.

Reme821 at work

Find your balance … Reme821 for JMZ Walls

Along this block on Myrtle Avenue Charm City Streets also found:

Huetek for JMZ Walls

Nite owl … Naito_Oru for JMZ Walls

Love you Brooklyn … Kwue Molly for JMZ Walls

Caro Pepe for JMZ Walls

Several blocks north at Lin’s Laundromat on Park Street, there was an end-to-end wall going up by Cool Card, Trans 1, and Noir (@badnewzcard; @trans1graffiti; @noir_bt).

Cool Card at work

Cool Card for JMZ Walls

Trans1 at work

Hey, whatcha doin’?

Trans1 for JMZ Walls

Noir – #wip work in progress 

Noir at work

Prepping the background

Noir for JMZ Walls

Additional murals and graff pieces to see at Lin’s included:

Work in progress by Michel Velt

Michel Velt for JMZ Walls

Dream but don’t sleep … Adam Fu for JMZ Walls

Turtlecaps for JMZ Walls

Hard Times … Dirt Cobain for JMZ Walls

Ride the spiral … @dirkartnyc for JMZ Walls

Merk Those for JMZ Walls

@angelonce for JMZ Walls

Psycho … BKFoxx for JMZ Walls


Last but not least, here follow art pieces Charm City Streets found elsewhere nearby.

Biggie Pooh … Murrz for JMZ Walls

jcorptm for JMZ Walls

Miss Zukie for JMZ Walls

La Femme Cheri and @magicalblahblah for JMZ Walls

Educatedlittlemonsters for JMZ Walls

Winnin’ n’grinnin’ … the_dtore and stephibones for JMZ Walls

Hektad for JMZ Walls


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