Headlining today’s post … dope new burner by Jurne (@scienceism) in Northeast DC

To paraphrase Jerry Lee Lewis, there has been a whole lotta shakin‘ of spray paint goin’ on recently in Northeast DC. Over the weekend Charm City Streets took a journey down to photograph this fresh graffiti. Unfortunately, the existing light conditions provided way too much contrast and precluded the chance of capturing quality images.

Monday morning ushered in much better conditions for photography. A clear, overcast sky produced nice even lighting, so the journey began anew. Not only did the photography gods provide better light, the goddess Serendipity arranged for the prominent graffiti writer Jurne to appear. It was a distinct pleasure to finally meet and document him in action.

Below Charm City Streets now shares its Journey to Jurne photos with you. Beware and take care! Sir Hiss, that cowardly cobra from Disney’s Robin Hood, and his mesmerizing eyes play a prominent role in the new artwork.

Work in progress … at the end of Day 1

Planning his next steps

Unclogging the spray can

Working on the mesmerizing eyes

It was chilly, so it was necessary to frequently verify a steady flow of paint

Checking detail and evaluating next steps

Adding a shout-out to Cecster who designed the piece for Jurne

Adding his tag

A corner flourish completes the piece

Sir Hiss draws lots of attention and photographers

Jurne grabs a few flicks as well from up high …

… and down low

Journey to Jurne complete


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