Headlining today’s post … an angler fish-ipede-mobile by Juan Jose Surace

On Tuesday, I spent the day exploring Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood in search of street art. As you can see, I was richly rewarded.

The Argentinian artist Juan Jose Surace visited the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection recently. His artwork is highly imaginative, a bit bizarre, and this inexplicability I find intriguing.

A business trip turned fishy?

On hold for an important call

Parked cars pose a challenge to capturing a full image.

A second view of the angler fish-ipede-mobile

A mole catching tunes and checking calls during a fast food lunch

Brazilian artist Claudio Ethos and Spanish artist Ru8icon1 were in Philly for a couple of months this summer. With support from Mural Arts Philadelphia (@muralarts) and the local community they painted multiple murals in the Kensington neighborhood. Here are the #ktownlab murals I encountered:

I wonder what’s in the briefcase – by Claudio Ethos

Unfortunately, this collaboration by Claudio Ethos and Juan Jose Surace has been dissed; but possibly prepped for a future repair.

Rooster – Ru8icon1

Faces – Ru8icon1

Comfortable reading room – Ru8icon1

Revealing – Ru8icon1

Surge protector wired to go – Ru8icon1

12 o’clock high wheelieboyz – Ru8icon1

Goldfish – an older mural by Ru8icon1

Takeoff – Ru8icon1 (from 2017)

Simon Vazquez, also from Barcelona, painted several pieces eye-catching pieces as well.

Fez phone

Take it easy

Lupus elegantum

Their Instagram page says Brooklyn-based artists Menace Two and Resa Piece are on a mission to #paintloveacrossamerica. Philly was one of their early stops.

Ben says He that can have patience can have what he will – collab by Menace Two and Resa Piece. The bald eagle is an earlier mural by Louis Masai.

Love Dream Imagine – from their #paintloveacrossamerica journey

Power – a third piece by Menaceresa and their #paintloveacrossamerica series

On Poplar Street I came across a remarkable mural with eye-catching colors by the Mexican artist Saner. It is on the side of a rowhouse, and the close proximity of the other house created quite the challenge to photograph the mural in its entirety.

The Kiss – by Saner

The cropped version of The Kiss accentuates its vibrant colors.

Chilean artist Artes Ekeko created a striking, thought-provoking mural at 2536 N Front St reminiscent of church paintings from the Later Middle Ages.

Families belong together; not in cages … Artes Ekeko

The Front Street Walls feature murals by Philly-based artists. The latest outdoor gallery along the 1600 block of North Front Street feature these striking murals:

Mural by Antcarver

Mural by Philadelphia artist NDA

Mural by Benjamin Howard

Mural by Lemonsparklefantasy

Conquer … collaboration by Amberella and Glossblack

Forever love … Mike Smith

This humongous bald eagle by Glossblack appears poised to strike the subway train (1338 N Front St).

Nearby is Speak Your Truth by Blur

Roll door mural by Pyramid Oracle

Pyramid Oracle painted a second roll door in Kensington.

I was pleased to encounter these three interesting murals. Regrettably, I have been unable to decipher the name of the artist who painted the first two murals. I also have no clue to follow in identifying the artist of the Dragon Mask.

Woman with a head scarf

Checking calls

Dragon mask

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