Headlining today's post ... Gigantic mural - Brudermuehlbruecke

Headlining today’s post … Gigantic mural – Brudermuehlbruecke

Pedestrian passageways under busy city streets make maneuvering one’s way through Munich quicker and safer. Moreover, they provide ample wall space for street artists to express their creativity. A prime example is the passageway near the Friedensengel where the artist Loomit curated a mural project a few years ago.

Under bridges along the Isar River and under overhead light rail tracks, well-known street artists convert the concrete pilings and support structures into open-air galleries. Here follow images captured under the Brudermuehlbruecke and at Candidplatz.

Through the efforts of the organization Positive Propaganda renowned artists have painted a number of striking murals throughout Munich. If you plan to visit the Bavarian capital, be sure to check Positive Propaganda for information about their on-going support for and promotion of art in public spaces. Their website contains a city map listing all their murals.

In the Kreativ-Quartier on Dachauerstrasse, along with the Positive Propaganda murals by Aryz and KRIPOE, you will find a mural by Dome as well as pieces by a number of talented graffiti writers and wheatpaste artists.

Forthcoming articles will cover additional street art discovered in Berlin.


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