Headlining today’s post … well-known Baltimore artist Nether poses near his sixth mural in Bocek Park

Lately, Nether has been a mural machine creating a series of six attention-grabbing murals in and around the Bocek Park community. This outdoor gallery is part of his on-going Arts+Parks project.

The wildlife, flowers, marble stoops, rowhouses, carpenters, gardeners, historic figures, and portraits of neighborhood residents symbolize and illustrate the cultural heritage of this community in East Baltimore. I spoke with a number of local residents. Jimmy and his mother Sylvia appreciate the murals remarking that the artwork enhances and brightens the area with their colorful positivity.

The City and Coca-Cola provide support for this artful series.

Charm City Streets captured Nether at work on his most recent mural which you can see on the corner of E Monument Street and N Linwood Avenue.

A shadowy assistant

An art admirer

Documenting his intermediate progress

Mural complete

Mural detail … Monarch butterfly caterpillar

The week before Nether was hard at work on the corner of E Madison Street and N Kenwood Avenue.

Walking by Nether at work

Mural detail … Monarch butterfly

Mural at E Madison Street and N Kenwood Avenue

The latter part of February saw Nether in action on the corner of E Monument Street and N Decker Avenue.

Working on detail

Chatting with neighborhood residents on the street below

A clever way of carrying spray paint cans

Mural at E Monument Street and N Decker Avenue

American robins, a sign of spring and renewal

Mural detail … Nether incorporated the house on whose wall he painted the mural

Here are his first three murals in Bocek Park.

Mural on the corner of E Madison and N Curley Streets

Mural on the corner of E Monument and N Curley Streets

Mural on the corner of E Madison Street and N Linwood Avenue

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