Headlining today’s post … All I want is everything by @phoebenewyork

With her pink round face and signature bob weave, Phoebe provides a treasure trove of amusing thoughts and clever pronouncements on life and love. Look for these and additional dope wheatpastes by @phoebenewyork on your next visit to the Big Apple.

He’s Always On, Fake News and Stay Single

Fake News

Goth Phoebe

Something Good Is Worth Finding

Believe In Self

Never Quit

Fuck him

Talking A Call

Living Out Of A Suitcase

Wheatpastes by Portland artist Dr. Scott (@drsc0) are eye-catching and have a powerful stop-you-in-your-tracks effect. He recently visited NYC along with fellow Portland artists Voxx Romana and RX Skulls as well as British artist D7606.

Lost love is still love


Houston, we have a problem

The subjects in wheatpastes by Voxx Romana have arresting eyes.

Opera woman

Lady of the castle

Sharing a wall with RX Skulls and others

RX Skulls is well-known for his block carvings, linotype stickers, posters hawking questionable products, and prints.


Orange you glad I didn’t say mesmer-eyes-ing again?

Rest in peace

Disembodied Rodin’s The Thinker

Orange flavored laxative

Teef cleaning powder

London-based artist D7606 is known for his iconic pop culture figures posed fittingly inside an iconic British phone booth … and recently also outside the iconic Tardis from the TV series Dr. Who.

Twiggy, here she goes again

Sophia Loren

Twiggy, Billie Piper and Dr. Who’s Tardis

Marilyn Monroe

An eclectic sampling of stickers in Freeman’s Alley


David Bowie

D7606 calling

Collaboration between D7606 and C_3

Signature figure of C_3

In a later post, Charm City Streets will present wheatpastes by LittleRicky001, Dirkartnyc, Sara Erenthal, Android_Oi, Hunt Rodriguez, and numerous other artists.

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