Headlining today’s post … Jean-Michel Basquiat by Silvio Alino

Today’s post is the last of three articles illustrating the phenomenal wheatpastes Charm City Streets encountered last week in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here you will find artwork by the well-known artists LittleRicky001, Dirkartnyc, Sara Erenthal, Android_Oi, Hunt Rodriguez, and numerous others.

Ewe will find the wooly little creatures that populate the wheatpastes by artist LittleRicky001 to be un-baa-lievably amusing.

Gentlemen prefer sheep

Sheep sings the blues

Ewe are genius

Ewe a friend of Dorothy?

I heart (love) ewe … photo bomb by RX Skulls

Paste-ups and wheatpastes by Android_Oi are contextual in nature.

Collaboration with My Life In Yellow



I came across two pieces by Pyramidoracle, plus a collaborative piece he did with Space Bones.



Collaboration with Space Bones

Skeletal Sukhasana … Space Bones

Geometric perspective … Space Bones

The stencil art by Praxis_VGZ feature rats and cats (and elephants in Welling Court). And, speaking of cats and rats, Kafka Is Famous and Ratantic produce dope wheatpastes.

Animal liberation … Praxis_VGZ

Angry rabbit

Rattenfaenger von Brooklyn

Feed me!!!

Kafka Is Famous

Ratanic, Colp_One, Kate Moss and Con Man

Goodluck Buddha’s luck has run out – it’s stormin’


Work by the following artists is thought-provoking, raises questions, and sparks some soul-searching: Hunt Rodriguez, Dirk (@dirkartnyc), and Sara Erenthal.

Less gun laws + more guns = more money

Looking for my religion

Violence sings a coward’s song … #whoisdirk


Better have catnip handy

It is always a pleasure to find a piece by Stikman.




Coloquix and Dee Dee feature strong female images.


Dee Dee

Last but not least, an eclectic assemblage of stickers and wheatpastes from a number and variety of artists.

Stick ’em up!!!!

Grafstract by Fumero



The Down (unidentified artist)

Jake the Dog and MTN 94 – by Great Britain’s LostHills

Jake (the Dog) Warhol – another dope wheatpaste by LostHills

A wee tiny fellow found on a street corner


Label 228 by Antennae

Catwoman by Antennae

Greetings from Miami-based artist Golden305

Grab this!!

QEII as never before seen

Work by jimzina in Freeman Alley


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