Headlining today’s post … Kathy Griffin holding the head of Harvey Weinstein – wheatpaste by SacSix

Wheat paste has been used to post notices, advertisements and artwork on walls since ancient Greek and Roman times. Today the term wheatpaste is used to describe a particular form of street art – any illustration, painting, photo, or poster which an artist adheres to a public surface.

During Open Walls Baltimore 2012, Jetsonorama and Swoon created several dramatic wheatpastes. For a year or two after that street art project, one would regularly find intriguing wheatpastes by Gaia, Nether, Stefan Ways, and other artists all around the city. However, since then one encounters a wheatpaste infrequently here in Baltimore.

Thus, it is particularly exciting to visit Brooklyn and Manhattan where wheatpastes abound. During a visit to NYC last week, Charm City Streets came across a veritable cornucopia of wheatpastes. Some were of an activist nature covering topics such as the environment, the human condition, and politics. And, some were simply humorous, witty and whimsical.

Today’s post includes wheatpastes by well-known New York artists City Kitty, Lmnopi, MythNY, and SacSix.

Without doubt City Kitty is one of NYC’s most prolific street artists with new artwork popping up almost daily in many boroughs and neighborhoods.

Collaboration by City Kitty, C_3, D7606 and RX Skulls

Collaboration by City Kitty and Lmnopi

City Kitty, D7606 and C_3

City Kitty, Twiggy, Billie Piper, and D7606

City Kitty fever

The Summer of Green

Environmental shot

Cell phone

Space balls

Houston, it’s time for lunch

Space walk


Lmnopi’s art is all about raising awareness or consciousness of environmental and social issues.


Peace times two

Reminiscent of the Dust Bowl

He’s not heavy

Because of them we can

Linked (large wheatpaste by Hunt Rodriguez)

Fuck colonialism

From her series Free Palestine, Free Gaza

From her series Free Palestine, Free Gaza

From her series Free Palestine, Free Gaza

Quite the juxtaposition – Lmnopi and Pyramidoracle

MythNY seeks to enhance our social and political conscience.


Q*bert on change

Dr. Frankenfurter says another world is possible

Someone has abridged Bob Ross’ right of free speech.

SacSix incorporates pop culture figures into his street art work.

Kathy Griffin and Harvey Weinstein

King Jaffe Joffer is coming to America in a Big way


Albert Einstein

Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein

Andy Warhol and Mr Pop

Andy Warhol and Fame Game

Parents just don’t understand street art

Jerry Seinfeld and Yada Yada Yada

Danny Trejo and Good Luck Bear

In a later post, Charm City Streets will present wheatpastes by Phoebenewyork, Dr Scott, D7606, and RX Skulls.

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