Headlining today's post ... Off Season, a collaborative exhibition by Nether and Reed Bmore

Headlining today’s post … Off Season, a collaborative exhibition by Nether and Reed Bmore

Last evening at the Soulful Emergence Gallery, well-known Baltimore artists Nether and Reed Bmore presented Off Season – artwork they created over the winter months.

Reed’s intriguing wire sculptures depicted such iconic Baltimore scenes as rowhouses, an Arabber fresh produce wagon, and a 12 o’clock motocross rider. Other pieces showed children at play as well as a fanciful llama flying astride a rocket.

Reed Bmore and fellow skateboarder

Reed Bmore and fellow skateboarder

Change around the corner

Change around the corner



Arabber wagon

Arabber wagon

Up next

Up next

12 O'Clock rider

One wheel high

Learning curve

Learning curve

Off Season _ 20

What was sweet then

CVS Drugstore

PennNorth – CVS Drugstore

Off Season _ 22

Tuning in

Off Season _ 23

Love in Philly

Off Season _ 24

Traveling llama

A few months back, Nether added an airbrush to his artist’s toolkit. He told Charm City Streets he is enjoying it so much he may very well have to call his next gallery show Four Seasons. He went on to describe how an artist uses a brush and spray paint can to control the shape, dimension, and depth of a mural. Nether said the most exciting characteristic of an airbrush is the added control the artist has over focus.

Baltimore artist Nether

Baltimore artist Nether

Off Season _ 06

Unknown bureaucrat – From Middle East to Eagle Park

Off Season _ 03


Off Season _ 04

Video Satyagraha

Off Season _ 05

Guardian Series 1 – Baptized in the Movement – Guardian Series 2 – Candlelight Protest – Fortitude

Off Season _ 07

No Frontiers 1 – No Frontiers Slingshot – No Frontiers 2



Off Season _ 10

Chi Bull – GNS – Edwin Chota – Golden Condor Wing –

Off Season _ 09

Video Satyagraha – Underdog – Cabrini Green – Tommy

Off Season _ 11

Soulful Emergence Gallery – Off Season exhibition

Nether - Reed

Nether – Reed


Follow the links below to learn more about artwork by Nether and Reed Bmore … including items available for sale:


Reed Bmore    


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