Headlining today’s post … Paradise Alley by Daver and Siek

One can relax in Paradise Alley. Here gentle breezes blow across the calm harbor waters. Every sunset is colorful, dramatic, and simply spectacular. At your signal animated bartenders serve refreshing Mai Tais. After a couple of delicious drinks, you will cease to notice the bartender’s ratty appearance as well as the sketchy old alley cat.

Over the weekend Daver and Siek completed a stunning new wall with superb lettering, striking colors, dope contrast, and engaging characters. Charm City Streets was there and documented the completion of their latest incredible masterpiece. Below you can follow the action sequence.

Daver – initial day’s work from his start in early September

Daver – work in progress from two weeks ago

Daver and Siek – getting started again on Sunday morning

Daver in action

The ratty bartender begins to take shape,

Working the outline

Clearing the spray can

Checking progress

Time for a lunch break

The Dynamic Duo at work

Thinking over options

Have you considered …

Adding a reflection to the sunglasses and final detail to the Hawaiian shirt


Clouding up

Working the wall

Neath the setting sun

Discussing architectural detail

Those harbor lights


Riding the Wave at the National Aquarium

Adding that eye-catching flair

Alley Cat

Line up

Colorful highlight

Tom Cat 2018

Toward afternoon’s end

Anno Domine/Common Era 2018

Cumulonimbus build-up

Siek #wip

Shining stars – the final flash

Paradise Alley – Daver and Siek



Daver and Siek … panoramic view

Skyline view

Telephone poles sway in the tropical breeze – much like palm trees, don’t you see?

A Kodak moment for sure!

Siek x3 … the throw, the piece, and the writer



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