Headlining today’s post … Diversity is hope by Raf Urban

For years on end, graffiti and murals can hold their own against Mother Nature’s onslaught of cold, heat, and precipitation. On the other hand, weather can quickly wreak devastation on wheatpastes, slaps, and stickers.

Regrettably, the more prevalent extinction event ephemeral art faces is mankind. Wait; surely man-unkind is a better description of those folks who delight in defacing, dissing, and ripping down wheatpastes. Fortunately, Charm City Streets discovered in Brooklyn a wealth of ephemeral art unscathed by the antics of these destructive crackpots and kooks.

The gallery of these wheatpastes and stickers (some quite recent, a number simply new to CCS, but each one worthy of note) features Drsc0, FKDL, Imnopi, Lungebox (who like my grandson loves eyeballs), Myth*GDS, Ruben Ubiera, SheWolf, Viral Punk, and many others.

Diversity is hope … Raf Urban

Diversity is hope … Raf Urban

Diversity is hope … Raf Urban

The artwork of FKDL (Franck Duval) harks back to the fashion elegance of the 1950s and 1960s.

1950’s fashion … FKDL

1950’s fashion … FKDL

1950’s fashion … FKDL

1950’s fashion … FKDL

1950’s fashion … FKDL

These wheatpastes by London-based artist Anna Laurini have a simple yet strong graphic aspect.

Anna Laurini

Anna Laurini

Anna Laurini

Anna Laurini

Stay human – Anna Laurini


Electric eye? … Lungebox

Imamaker, Lungebox and Hissxx

Then again … Lungebox




Broken heart … SHEWOLF

Attacks on science … unidentified artist

Courage has no gender … Megzany

Voices in bloom … Biadoesnyc


Gorilla, Groucho & a rat … Ruben Ubiera, Viral Pink & Crispstreetart

Pete the armored-up pup

Pete gunned-up once again

Life dreams … D.Borkel

A bit weather-worn #whoisdirk … dirkartnyc

Dissed and torn #whoisdirk … dirkartnyc

#whoisdirk … dirkartnyc

I’m gonna need a Xanax for this … Dirt Cobain

Dr. Scott aka drsc0

Mouth talking out of the side … Dr.Scott

Like something from an old episode of The Twilight Zone … doktor.ei

Street Freak … Duke A. Barnstable

Street Freak … Duke A. Barnstable

Colorful Lady of Guadalupe … Golden305

Loveworm … Golden305

Free … Imnopi

Jayne Mansfield … Rene Gagnon (#jaggedtears)

Slaps on the street

Edwardian triptych … unidentified artist

Edwardian goat family … unidentified artist

Royal audience … unidentified artist

Deer me … unidentified artist

The peeling caused by weather and the rust stains enhance the eye appeal of this wheatpaste


Bighorn ram posted in No More Lies USA

Carpet bombing love … #gilfnyc

Unidentified artist

Unidentified artist

See no evil … unidentified artist

Being their … unidentified artist

Bunny love … unidentified artist

ewe are fucking amazing – I love ewe … Baaaaaad dope art



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