POW! WOW! DC 2017 – part 1

Headlining today’s post from Pow! Wow! DC … George Washington by Madsteez

Over the past ten days or so, Northeast DC has been abuzz with artistic activity. The international art festival Pow! Wow! returned to our Capital City for the second year in a row. DC artist Kelly Towles curated the event bringing 15 renowned artists from the four corners of the earth to the NoMa neighborhood.

They created vibrant, imaginative murals throughout the neighborhood and along the Metropolitan Branch Trail. Here are the artists Charm City Streets captured in action:

TRAV – Los Angeles artist

At the start of a new work day

Adding drop shadows

Artistic liquor license

Interim progress

Snapping chalk lines

Silver Saddle Motel – open for business

Panoramic shot of the Silver Saddle Motel

RustamQBic (Russia)

The left side of Qbic’s mural is partially complete.

At work on the right side of the mural

Considering next steps

Gloving up

Rolling on color

Qbic’s completed mural

It’s a Living – Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga (Mexico)

Unclogging the can

Leaning back to determine the next steps

Adding a blue shade

Next color

Another shade

Checking the evenness of the paint

Clearing another clog

Here Today Gone Tomorrow … completed mural by It’s a Living

CRI – Juan Pineda (DC)

First roller work

Pow! Wow! #CRI

Spraying on detail

The completed side panel mural by CRI

Madsteez (Los Angeles)

George Washington by Madsteez

Checking out next steps

Brushing on detail

Just a few more details

Completed mural by Madsteez

Muro (Spain)

Muro plotting out the next curve

Rollin’ on under the sun

The sketch for Muro’s Pow! Wow! DC mural

OK, now what to do?

Mural art is hard work.

Ensuring straight lines

Filling in the graphic design

Muro’s completed mural for Pow! Wow! DC 2017

Madsteez and Muro fusion

Coming soon, Part 2 featuring artwork by Julia Chon (DC), Kaplan Bruce (Hawaii), Key Hon (DC), Martin Swift (DC), Mas Paz (DC), and Miss Chelove.

For additional information about Pow! Wow! DC, click here.


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