Headlining today’s post … artist Johan Moorman at Pow!Wow!DC 2018

A score of local, regional and international artists gathered last week in NoMa for the third annual Pow! Wow! DC mural festival.

An intriguing sculpture, a bit of nervous nonsense, two eye-catching indigenous women, mesmerizing geometric abstracts, and an oasis graced the warehouse walls near the intersection of M Street and 3rd Street NE.

Michael Murphy of Perceptual_Art created a multi-layered sculpture the individual pieces of which form the face of a young woman. It was intriguing watching him build up the layers and see how the changing light throughout the day revealed or disguised the underlying layers.

Layer upon layer the sculpture takes shape

Doing a bit of dusting between layers

Early morning light shines down through the component parts.

Spraying on facial details

Late afternoon light produces a starker contrast between the component pieces of the sculpture.

On the warehouse roller doors Berlin-based artist Rylsee painted a seemingly panic-stricken mural entitled Nonsense.

Rylsee creating Nonsense

Nonsense reflection

Harry Potter may now say – Mischief and Nonsense complete

Jamaican-born artist Taj Tenfold brought to life two vibrant, eye-catching women dressed in native wear.

The template for Taj Tenfold’s mural

Greeting admirers and well-wishers

Pondering next steps

Adding fine detail with a permanent marker


Nearly complete

Adding the finishing touch

Taj Tenfold for Pow! Wow! DC 2018

Once the mural was complete, passersby would say … wow, will you look at that!!!

… and snap plenty of photos.

Toiling in the direct sun, Johan Moorman and his shadow constructed a mesmerizing geometric abstract several stories tall.

Reaching for the heights

Plotting out geometric shapes

Spraying on the base layer

Considering his next move

The artist and his shadow

Attending to fine lines

Mural detail

An artful parking lot

Abstract reflection

Johan Moorman for Pow! Wow! DC 2018

Italian artist Joys fashioned an equally captivating abstract mural immediately left of Johan Moorman’s artwork.

Defining shapes and patterns

A birds’ eye view

Reflection of the work in progress

Joys for Pow! Wow! DC 2018

Across the street, above the Oasis Market, Puerto Rican artist Lap was busy fashioning a dreamlike scene.



Out for a stroll

Wow! … work in progress 

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