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Headlining today’s post … Rebel by Pablo machioli

A few weeks ago Charm City Streets reported on the triptych Nether was painting in Sandtown, near where police took Freddie Gray into custody. People from the surrounding community, from neighborhoods all over Baltimore, and indeed from around the country came to view this mural which Nether and Freddie’s best friend Brandon designed. Moreover, the local, national, and international press have reported on Nether and Brandon’s intention to use art to draw attention to the plight of the Sandtown community.

Their mural has sparked the grassroots organization Visions: Sandtown Mural & Arts Project. Its goal is to paint 18 murals and create other art projects over the summer to draw attention to the issues adversely affecting the neighborhood (abandoned houses, inadequate education, lack of job opportunities, police brutality, etc.) and thereby bring about positive change in the community. You can contribute to the fund helping to cover artists’ expenses.

Last week or so Charm City Streets reported on the mural Justice which Baltimore artist Sor Ta created for the Sandtown Mural & Arts Project.

For the past several days Baltimore artist Pablo Machioli has been at work painting the third Sandtown Visions mural. Located on the corner of N Mount Street and Westwood Avenue, Pablo’s mural entitled Rebel shows three women who marched in the peaceful protests following Freddie Gary’s death. The gallery below shows the progress and popularity of Pablo’s mural.


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