Headlining today's post ... a tribute to music legend Prince

Headlining today’s post … Sleep Well Sweet Prince, a tribute to music legend Prince by Kitska

Charm City Streets has spent the last five weeks enjoying an extended visit with grandchildren in Seattle. There was a lull in family outings this past weekend, so Charm City Streets took the opportunity to strike out alone in search of street art.

The search began near Pike Place Market in Gum Alley, a local attraction. Used chewing gum, several inches thick in places, covers long sections of the alley walls. Ew, pretty gross! However, the alley exhibited a number of intriguing wheatpastes, including one by the UK artist D7606 and a dedication to music legend Prince. In the Capitol Hill neighborhood there was a smattering of graffiti pieces and throw-ups. There were several sanctioned murals in the Industrial District, south of the Mariner and Seahawks stadiums.


Call me, Debbie Harry – D7606

Well-dressed zombie child - wheatpaste by Skam

Well-dressed zombie child – wheatpaste by Skam

Skeletal crawler - wheatpaste by unidentified artist

Skeletal crawler – wheatpaste by Skam

Various wheatpastes in Gum Alley

Various wheatpastes in Gum Alley

Wheatpastes in Gum Alley by Skam and Davis

Wheatpastes in Gum Alley by Davis and Rx Skulls


Blick in Capitol Hill


Female octopus robot in Capitol Hill


Brain – Dream Team


Mural by Noah Neighbor and Leo Shallat

John Sarkis for Urban Art Works

John Sarkis for Urban Art Works


Amanya – mural by Joey Nix


Under a bridge


Suki – mural by Nosego


Home, home on the range – by Henry

Purr, I mean roar - Henry

Purr, I mean roar – Henry


Classical wheatpaste – SIA

Seattle has a graffiti nuisance ordnance which can impose substantial fines on both the graff writer and the property owner. The city vigorously enforces this ordnance, which may explain why Charm City Streets encountered way less street art than expected.

Coincidently, there was more graffiti to see in the Greenwood neighborhood, northwest of the city. In March, a natural gas leak sparked an explosion that flattened a number of buildings in Greenwood. Nine firefighters were injured; fortunately, none seriously. A few days after the blast leveled much of the business district, street artists initiated a project to boost community morale and brighten the bombed-out look of the neighborhood. Much of the artwork was sold to raise funds for a disaster relief fund. Charm City Streets encountered these remaining pieces.




Pharoh – Andrew Miller


Angelic musician – Jessica Ghyvoronsky


What big teeth you have


New Indian


Relax N Unwind



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