Nether Sowebo-Soweto _7

Nether’s mural from a photograph by Martha Cooper

Earlier this year Gallery 788 in Hampden presented a month-long exhibit entitled Sowebo/Soweto which featured work by the preeminent and universally-beloved photographer Martha Cooper. Her photos illustrated the similarities of life in Southwest Baltimore (Sowebo) and the Southwest Townships (Soweto) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Over the past few days Baltimore artist Nether painted a mural based on one of Martha’s photos that he found particularly evocative.

Here you see his mural in various stages of development and completion; Nether adding his signature and acknowledgement of Martha; and, Nether risking life and limb for a photo. You can find this new mural on the corner of S Fulton Avenue and Eagle Street in Southwest Baltimore.

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _1

At the end of day one

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _2

On the morning of completion

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _3

A streetscape view of the mural in progress

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _4

Nether adding his signature

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _5

The completed mural

Nether Sowebo-Soweto _6

Going to new heights for a photo


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