Attack of the 50 ft Joint ... Deadline-Urban Art Festival

Headlining today’s post … Attack of the 50 ft Joint by Burns124, Dais & Hobby for the Deadline-Urban Art Festival

Mention Munich, Germany, and most Americans think Oktoberfest, beer, and oom-pah music. While that is certainly part of Munich’s heritage, the city offers a rich history stretching back to the Roman Empire, world-renowned art museums, stunning church and secular architecture, giants of classical music, and much more.

In mid-October, Charm City Streets traveled to Germany to seek out another one of Munich’s treasures … street art. The prime spot to visit on the west side of the city is the Alter Viehhof. In this former meat processing stockyard, writers and street artists make full use of the roughly two thousand linear feet of surrounding wall space. Equally impressive is the artwork along Tumblingerstrasse, a street that runs parallel to the stockyard.

Earlier this year, the Alter Viehhof hosted the Deadline – Urban Art Festival which attracted well-known street artists from across Germany and the EU. Below are murals by 44 Flavours, Graphism, Horst, Jeroo, The Weird, Kuerls, Doktr, Mr Woodland, City Slickaz, Burns124, Dais, Hobby, and Buntlack:

The shorter walls in the backlot of the Alter Viehhof present the visitor an ever-changing open air art gallery. Charm City Streets watched as Pyser created a chilling mural in celebration of Halloween. In the backlot one can see additional work by Pyser and many Sprayers (the phrase Germans use for graffiti writers):

Artwork covers the walls along Tumblingerstrasse for an entire block. Particularly enjoyable is the Oktoberfest mural featuring Aloisius – the amusing character from the Der Muenchener im Himmel. This satirical tale explains why the Bavarian government is still waiting for divine inspiration, i.e., the angel Aloisius was supposed to deliver a message from God but he first stopped in the Hofbraeuhaus and has not yet come back out. The film version is surely available online. It is hysterical watching Aloisius rejoice that he is in heaven. Oops, lest Charm City Streets get stuck further discussing Aloisius and his antics, here are images captured along Tumblingerstrasse:

Forthcoming articles will cover additional street art discovered in Munich and Berlin.


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