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Satellites Artscape _ Day 2 _ 01

Headlining today’s post … the collaborative mural by Billy Mode, Rubin 415, and Werc at Artscape 2015

During Artscape 2015, July 17th-19th, Section 1 sponsored the weekend-long street art and music event Satellites to raise funds to complete the urban art park under the Jones Falls Expressway.

An exhilarating array of prominent artists from Baltimore, New York, and Washington, DC painted live at several sites throughout Artscape. On Friday, you saw Rubin 415, HKS 181, Rok, Dutta, Felipe Goncalves, Nicole Fallek, Smoke, Wake (a favorite old school Baltimore artist and writer), Nether (known for his Wall Hunters: Slumlord Project, Visions: Sandtown Mural and Arts Project, and more), Cristen Hoyt, Worthy, Cloud, and Bank.


Shift Baltimore _ 37

La tierra es de quien la trabaja … The land belongs to those who work it

Last weekend Stefan Ways traveled to Baltimore from his new home in Portland, Oregon to coordinate Shift, a mural project in the Highlandtown Community Garden. Prominent artists from Baltimore and DC took part: Chelove, Ernest Shaw, Jr, Mas Paz, Nether, Pablo Machioli, Reed Bmore, Stefan Ways, and Wake.