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Headlining today’s post … Diversity is hope by Raf Urban

For years on end, graffiti and murals can hold their own against Mother Nature’s onslaught of cold, heat, and precipitation. On the other hand, weather can quickly wreak devastation on wheatpastes, slaps, and stickers.


Headlining today’s post … Pin-up Girl by See TF

Recently, my grandchildren were in town for a visit. They live in Seattle so I do not get to see them as often enough as I would like, so over the past three+ weeks I placed pretty much everything on the back burner. Now that they are back home I have completed processing the rest of the images I captured during the two weeks I spent last month in Brooklyn and Williamsburg.


Headlining today’s post … BKFoxx for JMZ Walls

The J, M and Z metro lines run on elevated tracks above Broadway in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood. Walking along Broadway and its side streets last month, Charm City Streets encountered a collection of fascinating murals and dope graffiti.