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Headlining today’s post … Krone

Episode 2 takes you off-road once again and ventures beneath the streets in search of out-of-sight graffiti. Charm City Streets trusts you will enjoy the phat artwork, but keep an eye out for Morloks in these shadowy tunnels and secluded underpasses.


Headlining today’s post … up on the roof with Userp

Abandoned and derelict buildings possess character, project a unique atmosphere, and assure graffiti writers and urban explorers alike an irresistible sense of adventure.

Over the past few months Charm City Streets has encountered spectacular graffiti in a variety of vacant sites. Please note that a physical visit to these dilapidated buildings requires care. Falling beams could squish you. A rotted floor could suddenly give way beneath you. Plus, there is danger of entrapment and myriad other unpleasant incidents.