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Wall Hunters - LNY

Headlining today’s post … Shawnee Makes the Call – the mural LNY created for Wall Hunters


Over the past two months artists involved in the Wall Hunters Slumlord Project have used a variety of street art to expose the real owners of ramshackle, derelict, and vacant properties that blight Baltimore neighborhoods. Led by Baltimore artist Nether and housing activist Carol Ott, Wall Hunters Slumlord Project created artwork on 17 abandoned properties spread across Baltimore City. Each art installation included a quick response link to details about the owner and the individual property’s housing and safety code violations. There are thousands upon thousands of vacant properties across Baltimore. The goals of the Wall Hunters Slumlord Project are to draw attention to the impact vacant housing has on the local community; to foster and build a public discussion between communities and city government about remedies; and to demonstrate the use of street art as a means of positive change.