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Headlining today’s post … what big, sharp, numerous teeth you have by Shark Toof

There are numerous fascinating collective nouns for birds such as a commotion of coots, a conspiracy of ravens, a grumbling of wild turkeys, and a squabble of gulls. I bring this to your attention because there must be a more interesting even spellbinding phrase to describe a collection of street art pieces – rather than simply saying murals. I propose paraphrasing the collective noun for crows and say a murder of murals. Before there is any grumbling or squabbling or calling me an old coot, one has to agree the images below clearly demonstrate the artists walloped those walls and set them aflame. In a word, they murdered these murals.


Headlining today's post - artist FDKL at work

Headlining today’s post – artist FDKL at work

It is a pleasure when one encounters street art and takes a few moments to examine and appreciate it.

Charm City Streets finds there is even more excitement when one comes across the street artist at work and takes the time to observe and study her/him in action. One gains an appreciation for the steps the artist takes: