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Headlining today's post ... Let's all go to the lobby by Jamie Hef

Headlining today’s post … Let’s all go to the lobby by Jamie Hef

Back in 2009, folks living in the Welling Court neighborhood of Queens asked Ad Hoc Art Gallery to help them clean up and enhance their community, and the Welling Court Mural Project was born. Every year since then, Ad Hoc Art invites artists from far and wide to help turn the neighborhood into an open-air art gallery. Their annual block party in June is a celebrated event.



Headlining today's post ... Lexi Bella for the Bushwick Collective

Headlining today’s post … Lexi Bella for the Bushwick Collective

The weather forecast called for mild temperatures and sunny skies, so Charm City Streets took off to spend a few days in Brooklyn. Touring the streets of Bushwick and East Williamsburg is always a treat. Colorful murals, fascinating wheatpastes, and kewl graffiti covered many walls.


Damien Mitchell

Headlining today’s post … mural by Damien Mitchell

Charm City Streets took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather a week or so before Christmas to travel to New York and spend several days exploring the streets of Brooklyn. Since our last visit in August, prominent local, national, and international artists have created fascinating new murals in the Bushwick and Williamsburg neighborhoods.