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Headlining today’s post … what big, sharp, numerous teeth you have by Shark Toof

There are numerous fascinating collective nouns for birds such as a commotion of coots, a conspiracy of ravens, a grumbling of wild turkeys, and a squabble of gulls. I bring this to your attention because there must be a more interesting even spellbinding phrase to describe a collection of street art pieces – rather than simply saying murals. I propose paraphrasing the collective noun for crows and say a murder of murals. Before there is any grumbling or squabbling or calling me an old coot, one has to agree the images below clearly demonstrate the artists walloped those walls and set them aflame. In a word, they murdered these murals.


Headlining today’s post … Klaatu barada nikto –
a galactic graff writer by Daver sports cool shades

Global warming affecting Baltimore! Many days this month the weather was more spring-like than early winter-like, and so art in public spaces bloomed all around the city much like an unexpected bumper crop of spring flowers


Headlining today’s post … Women of property in Remington by Gaia

Baltimore’s globetrotting artist Gaia, with a helping hand from local artist Brandon Buckson, created a captivating new mural last week on the corner of W 26th Street and Hampden Avenue in Remington.


Headlining today’s post … this thought-provoking roller visible in a couple of spots along I-83

Brazilian artist Alex Senna, with collaborative support from Section 1 Project and Urban Walls Brazil, created a fascinating new mural on Union Street in Woodberry. Entitled Oh, Baltimore ain’t hard just to live?, the mural depicts three children playing with a small fire that’s generating a lot of smoke. To see more of Senna’s artwork, visit his website.


Headlining today’s post … Walter White and artist wrkless recommend you Apply Yourself

Yesterday, Charm City Streets reported on the incredible murals artists created during the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival. The city abounds with art in public spaces, so today we look at the smoking hot burners, sizzling stencils, and wild and wacky wheatpastes we came across while walking around town.  A visit to Vancouver is highly recommended, but note no matter the duration of your visit it will only whet your appetite to experience more of the artwork the streets of this charming city have to offer.


Headlining today’s post … Dance the dance my girl by Irving Cano

Last week, Charm City Streets spent several days exploring the streets and alleyways of Vancouver, British Columbia photographing the artwork created during the recent Vancouver Mural Festival.

The art scene in Vancouver is energetic and enthusiastic. This year’s roster of 50+ local, regional, and international artists featured a number of indigenous artists thereby honoring and enriching the area’s cultural heritage.


Headlining today’s post … You want a Hawaiian Punch by Blink

Earlier this year Beacon Arts, a volunteer arts council, launched a pop-up art space in an abandoned warehouse to host a variety of art classes and exhibits in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill community.

Last week, Beacon Arts and Crick Lont of Dozer Art launched Dozer’s Warehouse inside this warehouse warren. Through the latter part of the year visitors can see a dope collection of over 60 graffiti pieces and murals. Artists and graffiti writers from the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country covered the walls with artwork from floor to ceiling. Baltimore’s own ROK created a smokin’ burner for the exhibit.


Headlining today’s post – Jay Mack and Menas together again

Legendary – that single word is the appropriate way to describe Jersey Fresh Jam 2017 which Charm City Streets attended this past weekend. Jersey Fresh Jam is New Jersey’s premiere Hip Hop Festival. Each year artists, DJs, graff writers and musicians from up and down the Mid-Atlantic come together in Trenton to celebrate Hip Hop culture. The tunes are unforgettable, and the artwork is stupendous.