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Freddie Gray mural _ 18

Part of the powerful mural Baltimore artist Nether is painting in memory of Freddie Gray

Recently here in Baltimore, Freddie Gray’s young life came to an abrupt and tragic end at the corner of N. Mount and Presbury Streets.

On the opposite street corner, Baltimore artist Nether is painting a mural on the side of a rowhouse. Freddie’s best friend Brandon helped Nether design the mural. Their goal is to send a positive message of solidarity and hope for a new start out to the local community, the city of Baltimore, and indeed the nation.

Over the past 3 days Nether has worked on the mural which consists of three panels. It is a powerful and moving piece of artwork. The central panel is a larger-than-life bust of Freddie Gray. The left panel shows the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. leading a march in 1968. The right-side panel shows Freddie’s family and friends leading the march for peace last week in the neighborhood.

Nether gladly takes the time to talk with local residents and with press from around the world. He explains that Black lives matter – that the march for equality, hope, education, opportunity, and freedom from police brutality here in Baltimore has been a work in progress since the mid-1960’s. Nether’s mural and other community plans to use Freddie Gray’s tragic end as a new beginning are powerful, positive steps toward a brighter future.

Below you can see a number of images showing the progress of the mural. Stay tuned here for additional images as Nether nears completion of his artwork over the weekend.