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Headlining today’s post … Rath by @heavylox

Climate scientists have concluded global warming, if left unchecked, will cause sea levels to rise. Verifiable scientific data indicates rising sea levels would inundate large areas of New York City and the boroughs by the turn of the century.

In a recent peer reviewed article in Squirrelly Scientific Amurican, scientists concerned about graffiti’s impact on global warming requested the public’s assistance with their investigation. Alarmed by all the dire warnings, Charm City Streets submitted documentation to these scientists. You need not file a Freedom of Information Act request to review this documentation. Charm City Streets now openly shares its information with you.


Headlining today’s post … Cedar

Over the past five years Charm City Streets has taken you on regular photo tours of art in public spaces. We have visited Baltimore’s neighborhoods; the DC Metropolitan area; Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan; Miami; parts of the Midwest and Pacific Northwest; and, even Germany. Together we have walked hundreds of miles up and down city streets and alleyways; watched artists live painting during art festivals, mural projects, and paint jams; and, explored abandoned buildings such as a Cold War spy station in Berlin, Germany. Along the way we have encountered incredible graffiti writers and street artists.


Headlining today's post ... visions of sweet treats by Siek

Headlining today’s post … visions of sweet treats by Siek

Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year to all the artists and writers whose creativity and art make Charm City Streets possible … to our readers whose interest in and appreciation of graffiti and street art fuel our photography … and to fellow photographers whose comradery and guidance allow Charm City Streets to capture images of artwork otherwise unknown or inaccessible. Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you.