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Headlining today’s post … Pin-up Girl by See TF

Recently, my grandchildren were in town for a visit. They live in Seattle so I do not get to see them as often enough as I would like, so over the past three+ weeks I placed pretty much everything on the back burner. Now that they are back home I have completed processing the rest of the images I captured during the two weeks I spent last month in Brooklyn and Williamsburg.



Headlining today's post ... Lexi Bella for the Bushwick Collective

Headlining today’s post … Lexi Bella for the Bushwick Collective

The weather forecast called for mild temperatures and sunny skies, so Charm City Streets took off to spend a few days in Brooklyn. Touring the streets of Bushwick and East Williamsburg is always a treat. Colorful murals, fascinating wheatpastes, and kewl graffiti covered many walls.