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Headlining today’s post … what big, sharp, numerous teeth you have by Shark Toof

There are numerous fascinating collective nouns for birds such as a commotion of coots, a conspiracy of ravens, a grumbling of wild turkeys, and a squabble of gulls. I bring this to your attention because there must be a more interesting even spellbinding phrase to describe a collection of street art pieces – rather than simply saying murals. I propose paraphrasing the collective noun for crows and say a murder of murals. Before there is any grumbling or squabbling or calling me an old coot, one has to agree the images below clearly demonstrate the artists walloped those walls and set them aflame. In a word, they murdered these murals.

The RAW Project – ART BASEL 2016

Headlining today's post ... mural by A Squid Called Sebastian for the RAW Project

Headlining today’s post … mural by A Squid Called Sebastian for the RAW Project at the Eneida M Hartner Elementary School

A few years ago, budget cuts forced the elimination of art education in Wynwood schools. That reality was hard to comprehend considering street art and contemporary art galleries were mushrooming and flourishing throughout the rest of this Miami neighborhood. Tougher still was its negative impact upon area students.

Enter The RAW Project, Re-imagining the Arts in Wynwood. With approval of school officials, the RAW Project raised donations and curated artists from around the world to add color to the walls of Jose de Diego Middle School, nurture creativity in the students, and help resurrect and enliven their arts program.


Headlining today's post ... Defend The Land, a wheatpaste by ABCNT

Headlining today’s post … Defend The Land, a wheatpaste by ABCNT

Several days ago Charm City Streets returned from a week-long photo tour of Art Basel 2016. The streets and avenues in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami were chock full of phenomenal murals by renowned street artists, dope graffiti pieces by masterful writers, galleries containing even more incredible artwork, and much more.


Headlining today's post ... Urban Nation, Buelowstrasse 97, Berlin

Headlining today’s post … Urban Nation, Buelowstrasse 97, Berlin

Headquartered in Berlin’s Tempelhof-Schoeneberg district, Urban Nation supports street art and artists world-wide. Their motto is all nations under one roof; and, their goal is a global exchange of artistic ideas, creative energies, and innovative talents.


The Cincinnati Cobra ... Ezzard Charles

Headlining today’s post … The Cincinnati Cobra, Ezzard Charles

In Cincinnati, the non-profit organization ArtWorks trains local youth to work with artists. Over the past 15 plus years they have painted 100 murals throughout Downtown, in many of the surrounding neighborhoods, and across the Ohio River in Northern Kentucky.

Charm City Streets visited the Queen City recently. Here you see 17 of the murals located in downtown Cincinnati. For more information about this ongoing mural project, visit artsworkscincinnati.org.