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Headlining today’s post … new mural by Nether for Arts+Parks

On a cold morning mid-month, Charm City Streets visited Nether on site of the latest Arts + Parks mural project. Located on the corner of East Madison Street at North Curley, the main mural illustrates the cultural history of this Eastside neighborhood. In the late 1900s and early 20th century, it grew to handle the wave of newly-arrived Czech immigrants and soon became known as Little Bohemia or Bohemia Village. Two


Locally Sourced exhibition - NetherIn this mural of the Station North community Nether presents Pearson’s Florist shop and resident J.C. Faulk. Nether is one of the five local artists whom MICA highlights in the Locally Sourced exhibit at the Fred Lazarus IV Center this week.

The exhibit explores how artists contribute to the local communities in which they work. A year after his work on the Wall Hunters Slumlord Project, Nether continues to play a key role in calling attention to the impact vacant housing has on Baltimore City neighborhoods.


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