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Headlining today’s post … the legendary Ichabod

Ichabod is the acknowledged maestro of freight car graffiti, and one can see his signature crumble and tumble pieces riding the rails all across the nation. Thus, it was a stand-out thrill for me to catch the legendary Ich in action at Bricks, Brews & Crews … and to add a limited edition piece of his to my personal art collection.


Headlining today’s post … You want a Hawaiian Punch by Blink

Earlier this year Beacon Arts, a volunteer arts council, launched a pop-up art space in an abandoned warehouse to host a variety of art classes and exhibits in Seattle’s North Beacon Hill community.

Last week, Beacon Arts and Crick Lont of Dozer Art launched Dozer’s Warehouse inside this warehouse warren. Through the latter part of the year visitors can see a dope collection of over 60 graffiti pieces and murals. Artists and graffiti writers from the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the country covered the walls with artwork from floor to ceiling. Baltimore’s own ROK created a smokin’ burner for the exhibit.