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Headlining today's post ... murals by Werc, Rubin 415, Billy Mode & Richard Best for Section 1 Art Park

Headlining today’s post … murals by Werc, Rubin 415, Billy Mode & Richard Best for Section 1 Art Park

With the exception of shoveling out from under the biggest snowfall in Baltimore’s history, January saw little art activity across the city during January. Thus, today’s post turns retrospective and presents the top twenty-five images Charm City Streets captured during 2015.

What’s Up on Charm City Streets

Headlining today’s post … The Baroness by Paul Mericle

Today’s edition of What’s Up on Charm City Streets covers the month of September, 2015.

On the corner of N. Mount and Baker Streets, you can see Gaia created the latest mural for the Visions: Sandtown Mural & Arts Project. 


Sandtown - Pablo _ 01

Headlining today’s post … Rebel by Pablo machioli

A few weeks ago Charm City Streets reported on the triptych Nether was painting in Sandtown, near where police took Freddie Gray into custody. People from the surrounding community, from neighborhoods all over Baltimore, and indeed from around the country came to view this mural which Nether and Freddie’s best friend Brandon designed. Moreover, the local, national, and international press have reported on Nether and Brandon’s intention to use art to draw attention to the plight of the Sandtown community.


SorTa mural _6

Justice … a mural by Sor Ta for Visions: Sandtown Mural & Arts Project

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Baltimore artist Sor Ta completed his mural entitled Justice. It is part of Visions: Sandtown Mural & Arts Project. Sor Ta based his mural on a photo shot by Joseph Giordano, City Paper photo editor. Below are a number of images showing the mural from start to finish. You can find Sor Ta’s mural on the corner of N. Mount Street and W North Avenue.