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Headlining today’s post … Rath by @heavylox

Climate scientists have concluded global warming, if left unchecked, will cause sea levels to rise. Verifiable scientific data indicates rising sea levels would inundate large areas of New York City and the boroughs by the turn of the century.

In a recent peer reviewed article in Squirrelly Scientific Amurican, scientists concerned about graffiti’s impact on global warming requested the public’s assistance with their investigation. Alarmed by all the dire warnings, Charm City Streets submitted documentation to these scientists. You need not file a Freedom of Information Act request to review this documentation. Charm City Streets now openly shares its information with you.


Puerto Rico Wall - 7

Headlining today’s post … Crash and PerOne painted the cornerstone of the Puerto Rico wall

In honor of New York’s annual Puerto Rican Day, members of the FX Crew and Tats Cru took over the corner of Moore and White Streets in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg neighborhood. Together BG183, Bio, Clark, Crash, Dero, Doves, Nicer, PerOne, Ribs, and Yes1 created the colorful, imaginative Puerto Rico Wall.


Headlining today’s post … Ribs on conga drums

The first few snowflakes have begun to fall in Baltimore, and outdoors the scene is calm and bright. That will soon change … for the worse. Weather forecasters say Old Man Winter is hell-bent on walloping the Mid-Atlantic with a wicked winter storm that will leave the area snowbound and as cold as ice. Maryland and surrounding states have already declared a state of emergency. Before hunkering down for the long wintry weekend, Charm City Streets shares with you the remaining graffiti pieces it encountered during visits to Brooklyn in 2015. Hopefully, this art display will bring a welcome splash of color and delight to the drab and dreary weekend ahead.