Berlin rising ... Vanesa Longchamp

Headlining today’s post … Berlin rising by Vanesa Longchamp

In mid-October, Charm City Streets traveled to Germany to seek out street art in Munich and Berlin. The trip, as the Germans say, was spitze and wunderbar.

Cool temperatures, dreary light, and several back-to-back days of rain provided more advantages than you may think. Seeking shelter from the rain led to the discovery of spectacular street art in the pedestrian passgeways beneath busy city streets. Rain-soaked streets provided wonderful reflections. Sharing an overhead awning in front of a bakery kept one dry in the rain and sparked conversations with local residents who provided tips about must-see art. Last but not least, the poor weather conditions provided ample time inside to savor German cuisine, pastries, and wines.

Street artists across Germany and around the world make their way to Berlin, so new work appears on a continual basis. One of the coolest places to see and experience street art and graffiti in Berlin is atop Teufelsberg located on the west side of the city in the Grunewald forest.

Teufelsberg is a relic from the Cold War era. The monstrous complex of this former spy station (think electronic eavesdropping) now lies abandoned. The walls, rooms, and stairwells provide graff writers and street artists thousands upon thousands of linear feet of space; and incredible artwork covers nearly every square inch. This open-air art gallery is in a state of constant flux – making the trek up the forest trail is well worth the effort. Tours are available at a reasonable price.

Thanks to the coordination of the Hidden Streets of London, prominent artists from Europe and beyond took part in the Berlin Rising Street Art Festival earlier this year atop Teufelsberg. Charm City Streets discovered a  number of their murals remain relatively unscathed. Here follows the first selection of images Charm City Streets captured during a tour of Teufelsberg.

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