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I have fond memories from my college years of staying in hostels while traveling throughout Germany and Switzerland. They provided a spartan, inexpensive way to see Europe. Inexpensive being the key deciding factor during that time period of my life.

Fast forward four decades and imagine my pleasant surprise at discovering the New York Moore Hostel. Its rooms are roomy and airy. It is mere minutes from the subway so sightseeing is a snap. It is conveniently located near all the delis, restaurants, galleries and night spots in Brooklyn’s Bushwick and East Williamsburg neighborhoods. In short, the New York Moore Hostel is well-appointed, comfortable hostel … luxurious even compared to those of my university days. It is smack dab in the Big Apple but without the typical budget-busting NYC hotel prices. I highly recommend a stay at the New York Moore Hostel.

As if all that space, comfort, convenience, and thrifty rates aren’t enticement enough, the New York Moore Hostel is chock full of dope artwork by street artists from around the world. Just last week I saw works by well-known artists from England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Japan, Miami, Portland, and of course NYC:

BK Foxx – NYC

Michel Velt – the Netherlands

Aquarela – Miami

Shiro – NYC

Basquiat by Whole 9 – Japan

Lucky – San Francisco and NYC

D7606 – the UK

Jimzina Ganash – Scotland

C_3 – the UK


K-Nor … NYC

Marilyn (resistance is futile) – Resa Piece – NYC

Belowkey – NYC

City Kitty – NYC

City Kitty – NYC

Kamila Wojciechowicz – London

Vincent and Kurt

Mingnyc and Freakykissdesigns

Dirt Cobain – NYC

Sek Fink – NYC


Yes – NYC

Artists Dr. Scott, RX Skulls and Voxx Romana from Portland, OR recently visited NY Moore Hostel and added a number of new pieces to their art gallery.

Voxx Romana

David Bowie – Voxx Romana

RX Skulls

RX Skulls

RX Skulls

RX Skulls



Voxx Romana, Dr.Scott and RX Skulls collaboration


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